Breu branco (copal)


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Breu Branco or Sepá is the Pano Indigenous name for the resin of a tree called Almecegueira, Protium Heptaphyllum, from the family of the Burseráceas. It is also known as Brazilian Frankincense. There are certain sub species and quality and particularities of the scent changes from region to region. The one used by the tribes like the Yawanawá is of a wonderful quality harvested wildly in the virgin forest.
The Yawanawá and most other people from the region don’t pray without lightening some coals and burning Sepá. If a person is sick, if there is any issue to resolve between people or in the community or any general accumulation of negative energy the first thing done in is lighting some Sepá to clear the mood. It is the smoke of the Sepá that carries their prayers.
They use it in general fresh from the tree but sometimes they dry it as well, this particular one is dried. It is used burning a little bit on coals and is great for any cleansing of people or ambiences or just to bring a pleasant calming energy to your space or ceremony.
This incense resin can be burnt on charcoal discs also available from our shop. 

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